How to change the wipers on the machine: we understand the design and manufacturers.

Water light wipers

Rubber is used to make windscreen wipers, otherwise called wipers, so after a few months of active work to remove snow, dirt or rainwater, they wear out. Of course, you can change them by contacting the car service, but the operation is so simple that it will not be difficult for an ordinary car owner. In this article we will talk about how to change the wipers on the car.

What kind of wipers are the type of construction


Traditional frame wipers include a metal frame, a rubber work surface and a mounting hook

Traditional frame wipers
Traditional frame wipers

Advantages of the design are:

  • a wide range of wipers;
  • relative cheapness;
  • quick assembly and disassembly capabilities;
  • a system of rocker arms and hinges, providing a tight fit to the convex windshield;
  • installation possibilities on the absolute majority of machine models.

Manufacturers offer car owners frame windscreen wipers, additionally equipped with plastic bushings and axles, which provide greater mobility of wipers and less icing in winter.

Among the drawbacks of the frame brushes we would like to note:

  • susceptibility to loosening;
  • fast wear aTraditional frame wipersnd tear;
  • freezing of moisture in the joints in winter;
  • reduced efficiency due to snow accumulation in the hinges.


The design provides a cap-spoiler, for fixing the working surface (rubber) provided special fasteners in the center and sides. In the ends of wipers are plastic plugs.


The advantages of frameless windscreen wipers are:

  • use in a number of models not rubber, but high quality rubber;
  • use of different types of fasteners;
  • optimization of aerodynamics and better fit to the glass due to the spoiler;
  • silence, no distortion;
  • no tendency to icing and frosting;
  • preservation of clamping characteristics in winter.

Among the disadvantages, we note:

  • The inability to install on a car with a strongly convex windshield;
  • relatively high cost;
  • snow hitting the spoiler.

Hybrid wipers

Hybrid wipers
Hybrid wipers

These are modern wipers that combine the advantages of the first two variants while minimizing their inherent disadvantages. However, it is possible to encounter snow entering the transverse slots.

The advantages of hybrid windscreen wipers for the machine are as follows:

  • the low height of the frame;
  • heavy-duty inserts made of strong natural rubber;
  • a tight fit to any windscreen due to the plastic hinged frame;
  • maintaining the working surface geometry throughout the year;
  • stylish appearance.

Among the disadvantages, we note:

  • sufficiently high cost;
  • the probability of acquiring a Chinese counterfeit.

4. Winter brushes.

To protect the frame wipers in the winter period they are placed in special covers. For the manufacture of the working surface of winter wipers use soft materials. If the cover is damaged, the brushes quickly lose their functionality.

Winter brushes
Winter brushes

Types of wiper armatures

Old wipers on car


The most universal and long proven type of attachment is the “hook”, for which the letters “U” or “J” are used.

Hooks are made of different sizes, the most common fasteners – 9×3 (small hook) and 9×4 (large hook).

They are suitable for the majority of cars produced earlier than 2000, but in modern cars such fasteners are not rare.

Side Pin

Since 2004, wipers began to be completed with Side Pin mounts, which still remain in demand today due to its reliability.

Push Button

Since 2007, cars of Audi, VW, Skoda, Peugeot companies are equipped with Push Button mounts. They can be confused with the Slim Top mount, the difference between which is the width of the seat: in the Push Button it is 19 mm, and in the Slim Top – 3 mm less (16).

Pinch Tab

Modern European cars are equipped with wipers with the Pinch Tab.

Bayonet Arm

Swedish Saab and French Renault, produced after 2004, are equipped with Bayonet Arm mounts.

Top Lock

In production of BMW 5 and 6 series wipers Top Lock is used as a standard fixture for wipers.

Pin Lock

Mercedes-Benz wipers of class C and CLS, of the Audi and Seat range, are fixed with a Pin lock system, also called a pin or lock.

Side Mounting

Not a very common type of side mountings for wipers used in Renault Scenic.

Slim Top

The fixture used in Audi and VW was created in 2012 and, due to its external similarity, was often mistaken for another type of fixture, the Push Button. The difference between them is the width of the brush in the mounting area: in the Push Button it is 19 mm, while in the Slim Top it is 3 mm less (16 mm).

When it’s time to change the wipers in the car

During driving training, future drivers are informed not only about the functioning of the machine as a whole but also about its individual components, including wipers. Their performance is affected by the integrity of the working surface (rubber) and frame.

The fact that it is time to change the wipers on the machine shows such signs as the remaining on the glass wipers, the presence of backlash of the brush frame, low cleaning efficiency. It is possible to change both wipers assembled and rubber.

Wipers car

Frameless wipers should also be replaced on the machine if the rubber part of the wiper is damaged.

In addition, if the frame or metal part to which the worker is attached is bent or broken, the wipers assembled on the machine must be replaced. This operation is simple enough and consists in attaching the wiper to a special nut.

According to the regulations, the brushes in the machine must be replaced twice a year – in spring and autumn.

If you are thinking about how to change the wiper blades in the machine and whether it is worth it, perform a simple check of their functionality.

Turn on the wipers and check that there are no traces on the wipers after their work. If they are missing or insignificant (no more than 3 strips remain from the edge of the glass), the wipers do not need to be replaced soon. However, if there are stripes in the centre of the glass (even if there is only one stripe) or if the number of stripes at the edges exceeds 6, it is time to think about how to change the wipers on the car.

It is mandatory to change the wipers if they leave large streaks, which significantly reduce visibility.

How to change the wipers on the car

So, you’re thinking about changing the car wipers. First, you need to find out which part of their design needs to be replaced. The brushes have three main elements – the bottom lever that comes out of the bottom of the windshield, a metal blade that attaches to the lever and a rubber work surface that cleans the glass. In most cases, with low wiper performance, it is sufficient to change the wiper blade.

New blades must be purchased. To make sure that you do not make any mistake with the dimensions, determine and record the length of the old brushes to be replaced. It only remains to go to the shop and choose rubber blades of the same size.

Please note that the lengths of the left and right wipers may vary by several centimetres.

The cost of wipers is about 500 rubles for one blade. Knowing how to change the wipers on your car yourself, you can save on service.

To change the wiper blades on your car, follow these steps:

  • Lift the metal lever located on the glass by placing it perpendicularly. When installing the rubber band, act carefully, the spring-mounted lever may damage the windscreen if it falls.
  • Remove the old brush. There is a plastic clamp where the rubber band is connected to the metal handle to secure the blade. Push it off the worn windscreen wiper from the handle.
  • Some wiper blades are secured with a latch rather than a hook.
  • When changing wipers on the car, make sure that the distance between the wiper arm and the glass is as large as possible.
  • You can put a towel on the glass, for example, which will prevent damage to the glass if the lever falls on it during the change.
  • Attach the new wiper arm to the lever in the same place where you removed the old brush. A click on the clamp will indicate that the wiper is in place. Now you can return the wiper to the glass.
  • The second wiper needs to be changed in the same way. Do not mix up the right and left wiper blades of different sizes during installation.

How to extend the life of the wipers

To lessen the thought of changing the brushes, they must be operated correctly. By installing expensive, quality and reliable cleaners on your machine, you will not be protected from their rapid failure, using them to, for example, remove ice from the windscreen.

Extend the life of the wipers
Extend the life of the wipers

The ice mixed with sand is destructive for any windscreen wipers. Therefore, turn them on to remove moisture from the windscreen and do not operate them when the glass is dry.

You can extend the life of wipers by frequent washing and periodic degreasing. Do not use solvents for this, they will damage the rubber and you will soon have to change it. The optimal option is to use silicone grease, which will increase the functionality of the brushes during severe frosts.

The ice formed during frost makes it difficult to move the wipers working with the heated windshield of the machine. This problem can be solved by injecting silicone grease under the cover before changing the windscreen wipers for winter ones. It will displace excess moisture from the brush, preventing the inside of the wiper from freezing. For best performance, check periodically that the wipers fit snugly into the machine glass.

Aftermarket manufacturers offer special chemical rubber modifiers that return efficiency to worn windscreen wipers. However, the owners of cars who have tried this method say that the effect of the composition is enough for a few days, after which the wipers work even worse than before the modifier.

Torn or worn rubber can be replaced separately, with no need to change the wiper on the machine assembly. However, the manufacturers say that the effect of such a replacement will not be too obvious.

Specialists say that if you change the wiper blade on the car for a new one, it will cope with its main function of cleaning the windshield from water and dirt. There is no need to buy expensive foreign rubber blades, you can do with domestic brushes.

Thinking about how to change the wipers on the car to avoid further trouble, use original, time-tested windshield wipers with positive feedback not only from auto experts, but also from car owners. It should also be noted that if there are a lot of scratches on the windshield, even the best brushes can not make the visibility perfect.

The efficiency of wipers is increased if they clean smooth glass. And if they do, they will wear out longer. Companies engaged in the production of windscreen wipers, at the same time with the purchase of new brushes recommend buying a means of “anti-rain” for windscreen, the use of which reduces the need for the work of wipers, thereby extending their life.

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